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Pink Be Gone Spray 20 oz Skinny Tumbler

Pink Be Gone Spray 20 oz Skinny Tumbler

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"Bitch Be Gone" Spray 20 oz Tumbler — a witty and playful accessory that's sure to bring a smile to your face. Crafted with durable stainless steel, this tumbler keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature while you conquer your day with confidence and humor.

Embrace the power of a good laugh and a refreshing drink as you sip from this tumbler, complete with a humorous twist. The "Bitch Be Gone" spray nozzle adds a touch of cheeky charm, allowing you to humorously mist away any negativity that comes your way. Whether you're facing a tough day at work, a challenging workout, or just need a boost of positivity, this tumbler is here to help you keep your cool and let the haters roll off your back.

Stay hydrated, stay fabulous, and let the "Bitch Be Gone" Spray 20 oz Tumbler be your sassy sidekick. It's more than just a tumbler; it's a statement and a source of empowerment.

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